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Iron Pig

Iron Pig American BBQ

The only authentic smoked American barbecue restaurant in Chengdu, with a new location in the Tongzilin neighborhood. Has an excellent selection of beer and regularly shows American sports.


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Natooke Chengdu bicycle shop

Natooke Chengdu Bicycle Shop

Founded in 2012, Natooke is a custom bicycle shop in the South of Chengdu. A partner of the Natooke headquarters in Beijing, Natooke Chengdu is managed by American bicycle enthusiasts Jake and Larry.

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Ritz-Carlton Chengdu

Central Chengdu
(13 Listings)

Latest listing 04/25/2016

Vaikee Chengdu

East Chengdu
(15 Listings)

Latest listing 10/07/2015

Chengdu Happy Valley Entrance

North Chengdu
(6 Listings)

Latest listing 09/19/2012

Flower Town

Outside Chengdu
(5 Listings)

Latest listing 05/20/2013

Iron Pig

South Chengdu
(57 Listings)

Latest listing 06/02/2016

Haima Dutch Waffles

Tongzilin Neighborhood
(1 Listing)

Latest listing 10/12/2015

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Haima Dutch Waffles

Angel Women's & Children's Hospital

Located in the South of Chengdu, Angel Hospital is a full-service women's and children's facility led in part by an American doctor with 27 years of practical experience.

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Haima Dutch Waffles

The Temple Café

Cafe and restaurant located on the ground floor of The Temple House featuring Chinese, Western and Asian cuisine as well as coffee, fresh juice and more. Features indoor and outdoor seating.

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Haima Dutch Waffles

Jing Bar & Lounge

Located within The Temple House, Jing Bar is an indoor and outdoor lounge. Jing features a wide selection of mixed drinks, beer, champagne and wine as well as regular DJ performances.

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Haima Dutch Waffles

Tivano Italian Restaurant

Located within The Temple House, Tivano is an exceptional Italian restaurant in Chengdu. Features an elite kitchen staff along with fresh ingredients imported daily.

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Haima Dutch Waffles

Mi Xun Spa & Tea House

Located within The Temple House in downtown Chengdu, Mi Xun is a traditionally styled spa and tea house with a distinctly modern touch. Located on old monetary grounds near the city center.

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Haima Dutch Waffles

Comrade Chili

Located in Yulin within the Ruiming Walking Street, Comrade Chili is a restaurant and cafe serving fusion Hunan cuisine along with a selection of coffee and tea. Popular outdoor seating.

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