A Quick Guide to Chengdu Places

What is Chengdu Places?

Chengdu Places is a repository for exceptional locations in Chengdu. This is not an exhaustive list of places in in the city, it is a hand-culled list of the places you want to know about. Chengdu Places includes tons of different types of locations, including:

  • Bars & Clubs
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Shops & Markets
  • Hostels & Hotels
  • Local Temples & Tourist Sights
  • Quirky Local Gems

Each Place includes a helpful description, on-site photographs, and geolocation data built into Google maps for easy directions.

How to Find Places in Chengdu

You can browse for places by type or location on Chengdu Places. For example: if you’re looking for temples you can search for them all, or if you’re looking for places in the East of Chengdu, you can do that too. You can find these sections in the header above, as depicted in the image below:

Chengdu Places navigation

Or if you know exactly what you’re looking for, click the Open Search button from the header to reveal detailed search options. From there you can search for any place, by tag or location type. For example: try searching for sights or bars.

How to Leave Feedback

At the end of each place is a section to leave feedback so you can share your thoughts on that location. When you went there, what kind of experience did you have? A short anecdote or brief description works great here to give others an idea of what kind of time you had there.

How to Add a Place

If you think we’re missing a place that belongs here, let us know and we’ll credit you on the listing if we publish it. Submitting information on a new place is easy and just requires filling out a 5-minute online form which you can find here: Add a Place. When collecting information for a new place, we’ll ask for information like:

  • Place name & type
  • Description of a few sentences
  • Address or location
  • A photo of the place (optional)

Once we’ve collected these details, one of us will review your submission and then publish it on the site for everyone to see.

Moving On

Go Browse for Places on the Homepage

Or, if you have questions or comments, you can find us in the Chengdu Forum, or contact us directly if you want to communicate in private.

Thanks for visiting!

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