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Coco Milk Tea

Now with locations across China and even in the US, Coco Tea Shops have been popping up all over Chengdu this past year. They serve both hot and cold drinks to satisfy your thirst in any season. Try a variety of milk teas, green teas, fresh juices, coffees and chocolate drinks. They have options to add pearls, pudding, red beans, or coconut jelly to any beverage.


Prices at Coco range from 5 – 10 yuan. If you visit Coco frequently, you can get a card for each 10th order free.


Address: 成都玉林西路和玉林中路


Hours: Open everyday from 10am-10pm

Notes: There are dozens of Coco locations spread throughout Chengdu and they’re still expanding.

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Feedback on “Coco Milk Tea”

  1. Jacob March 12, 2013 at 12:53 pm #

    Went to Taiwan this past December, the heart of milk tea shop chains, including this one.

    Came back with the itch, and now whenever I pass the place I have to fight myself from stopping for a cup.

    This one’s in a convenient spot, but if you spot a CoCo around I’d recommend a cup. Also makes a great alternative for the West’s on-the-fly cup of coffee culture.

  2. Howard June 20, 2016 at 2:54 pm #

    I live near the 桐梓林 新光路 location. I finish my work later and sometimes like to have a nice milk tea or juice in the summer evenings. Recently the location has said they are closed earlier and earlier. I ask them what time they close and they ten, but sometimes it is only 9:40, 9:50. I asked to speak to a manager and they told me there is no manager, finally they admitted it was a lie but they don’t have the manager’s phone number, so I asked when he will come to work and they said they don’t know and they are both new, in fact one has been there for many months. The service is bad and I don’t like being lied to by the staff just so they can go home early. They are paid to serve until ten.

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