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Dufu’s Cottage

Du Fu’s thatched cottage is a park and memorial to the Tang Dynasty poet who sought refuge here during the An Lushan Rebellion in 759AD. He lived here with his family beside the Flower Bathing Stream and composed 240 poems. Du Fu is one of the most famous and beloved poets in Chinese history and his cottage, re-discovered during the Five Dynasties Period (AD907 – 960) by fellow poet Wei Zhuang.

The park and memorial has been re-built and expanded upon in virutally every epoch since. Today the park is both a serene garden and a museum to Du Fu’s life and work. There is a small Tang Dynasty archaeological museum in the park with an excavation site and displays of the tools of daily life 1,000 years ago.


Ticket prices to Dufu’s Cottage cost 60 yuan. The park provides an English speaking guide and there is an English translation of Du Fu’s poems for sale at the Ticket office for 15 yuan.


Address in Chinese: 青羊区青华路37号

Address in English: Qingyang District, Qinghua Road #37

Tel: 028-87327392

Bus: Take Citybuses 301, 309, 513, 84, 503, 17 or 35 from Tian Fu Plaza to Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage

Hours: Open from 7:30am until 7pm

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