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Flower Town

San Sheng Xiang, or Flower Town as it is known locally, is a collection of villages that once sold flowers, but has now become a bed and breakfast (and country cafe) getaway. There are three major sections, Xing Fu Meilin, He Tang Yue Se and Hong Sha Cun – all three have dozens of country-style restaurants and places to spend the weekend. Hong Sha Cun in particular has attracted a community of hip cafe and bar owners. You can still buy flowers here at the massive flower market, right across from the XYL Museum of Modern Art, and there are occasional concerts and small flea markets throughout the summer.


Cheap place to buy flowers, drink coffee, eat good homestyle meals and spend a night or two.


Address: 成都市三圣花乡

Address in Plain English: San Sheng Xiang, Flower Town, in southeast Chengdu

Hours: Open all day and night – weekends can be especially crowded

Contact: Website or telephone number

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