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HakkaHomes Apartment Rentals

Hakka Homes offers short term apartment rentals in the South of Chengdu, within the SOHO complex. If you are coming to Chengdu for work, study, travel, fun, or any reason and need a comfortable, fully-furnished apartment that feels like home, Hakka Homes is a great option. They offer apartment rentals for a few days, a few weeks, or even months at a time.

Each apartment rental includes all utilities (including wifi) and are fully furnished with kitchen supplies, air conditioners, washing machines, and other amenities. Located within walking distance of Sichuan University, Computer City, the American Consulate, Cafe Paname, and countless Chinese and Western restaurants.

The “Hakka Homes” name is a reference to the Hakka minority people of China, of which the proprietor of Hakka Homes is a member of.


Hakka Homes can’t compete with fancy hotels in Chengdu, but it can provide a comfortable home-like atmosphere for visitors at reasonably low cost. Expect to


Address in English: Kehua Bei Lu Feicheng Building

Address in Chinese: 成都科华北路费城

Telephone: 13981909901

Website: Hakka Homes

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