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Jah Bar

Known in Chinese as the 家吧 (home bar), the Jah Bar has been a staple of summertime nightlife in Chengdu since 2008. Situated directly next to the river, Jah Bar is a great place to relax with a beer and friends as the water lazily drifts by. Drinks are cheap and unrehearsed jam sessions are frequent at Jah Bar.

In 2016, Chengdu Living published a memorial post to Jah Bar: Reggae by the River: Jah Bar


Jah Bar is one of the cheapest bars in Chengdu, and beers start at 10 yuan for Qingdao, up to 40 yuan for imports.


Address in Chinese: 成都老南门大桥黉门街36号附118号

Address in English: Old South Bridge, Huang Gate Road #36-118. Across the street from the big boat (Wanli Hao), on the South side of the river

Hours: Open from 7pm until 1am on weeknights, later on weekends

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Feedback on “Jah Bar”

  1. Zeech February 24, 2018 at 3:21 pm #

    Hassled a friend to take me there, it is small and cute and I’m half JA (Jamaican) so had to check out. The beats were different too, reggae sounds in Spanish and Portugais.
    It wasn’t Ex Pat tourist scene
    If I was staying here this would be my local more than the main night stripe but then I’m a hard to impress New Yorker

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