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Jinli Pedestrian Street

One of the most well known and trafficked tourist areas in Chengdu, Jinli is an “ancient” pedestrian street housing dozens of food and gift vendors along an ever-expanding network of alleys. Located directly next to the Wuhou Temple and just down the street from Chengdu’s Tibetan Quarter, it is a beautiful place to visit after dusk, as the area is illuminated by traditional Chinese lanterns which lend a romantic atmosphere to wooden buildings which line Jinli’s alleys.

Jinli has been renovated in recent years and is larger than ever before, allowing great freedom of movement for the large crowds that visit on weekends. There’s a bridge that passes over a pond with thousands of goldfish as well as a Sichuan opera theatre which has daily performances. By most accounts, the best time to visit Jinli is dusk, after dinner. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Jinli is particularly famous for its traditional Sichuanese snacks. There is an area dedicated just to snacks, where you will see dozens of vendors preparing and displaying an impressive variety of noodles and finger food to snack on. Shadow puppet performance and other traditional Chinese arts also make an appearance, and this tends to be an excellent places to procure local gifts.


Prices for souvenirs and snacks within Jinli are more expensive than in other locations in Chengdu, but that’s to be expected of a developed tourist location, which this definitely is. Fortunately there is no cost of entry and you can enjoy the surroundings for free during the daytime or in the evening.


Address in Chinese: 成都锦里古街,武侯祠路231号

Address in English: Located on Wuhou Ci Street #231

Hours: Open 7 days a week from morning until late at night

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Feedback on “Jinli Pedestrian Street”

  1. Charlie December 12, 2012 at 1:38 pm #

    This is one of the best places to take visitors in Chengdu. If you have foreign family or friends in town, take them here at dusk on a weeknight. Avoid weekends because it is densely crowded with foreign and domestic travelers.

  2. Donglin January 8, 2018 at 5:06 pm #

    I would not say that dusk or night time is the best time to visit Jinli Street as I have been both in the day and at night. There are many different experiences to be had at any time, day or night.
    The buildings are a little tight for the larger visitor and I would avoid busy times for that reason. But you can still get a great photographic experience whatever time of day you go.

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