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Jiuyan Qiao Club Complex

Located just South of the Jiuyan Bridge in the East of Chengdu, the Jiuyan Qiao Club Complex is home to about a dozen large and mainstream Chinese clubs like Seven, Castle Club, 1855, and more. Crowds assemble here every night of the week and stay until early in the morning, drinking and dancing to loud techno and pop music inside each of these venues. All of the clubs in this district offer free entry so a lot of patrons will start at one club early in the evening and dip into others to see what’s happening throughout the night.


Traditionally, ordering a single beer or mixed drink in these venues is either inconvenient or impossible, as patrons are encouraged to order either beer in bulk or a bottle of liquor to be shared among friends. Prices are higher at mainstream Chinese clubs than at expat-focused nightlife venues, so expect to pay several hundred yuan to get your drink on if you show up with friends.


Address: 成都九眼桥

Address in English: South end of the Jiuyan Bridge in the East of Chengdu

Hours: Open from 8pm until very late, seven days a week

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