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Lan Town Reggae Bar

Summer 2016 update: Sadly, Lan Town has closed! Fortunately, there is another reggae bar still open in the city: Jah Bar.

Irie vibes and friendly people fill this small venue in Jiu Yan Qiao bar area. Notoriously difficult to locate, Lan Town is located on the second level of a complex across the street (to the South) from the Jiu Yan Bridge club complex.

It opens during the day as a cozy tea house and continues as a bar into the evening. On weekends they occasionally host traveling bands and DJ’s. In addition to domestic and foreign beer and mixed drinks, Lan Town features games including foosball and Chinese chess. Every once and a while they’ll set up a retro video game area with Super Mario, too.


Drinks at Lan Town range from 20 yuan and up. Lan Town is one of the cheaper bars you’ll find in Chengdu.


Address: 成都一环路九眼桥好望角商业广场2楼7号

Hours: Open everyday and late on weekends

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  1. Austin Guidry August 21, 2017 at 3:23 pm #

    Oh snap, I’ve never even heard of this place!! Gonna have to check it out – you had me at reggae

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