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Laoma Tou Hotpot Restaurant

A long-time staple of the city’s culinary scene, the Chengdu Laoma Tou Hotpot Restaurant has long been a go-to destination for visitors. Located on Yulin Middle Street in the heart of the Yulin neighborhood, you won’t have trouble finding this restaurant. You can easily spot its brightly-lit iconic red roof and golden dragons from afar.

Inside the restaurant the atmosphere can be very boisterous, especially on weekends. Dozens of tables seat hundreds of occupants and the line to get a table is routinely out the door on Fridays and Saturdays where waiting patrons munch on peanuts and chat to pass the time.

You can order spicy or non-spicy hotpot, or a combination of the two which will arrive at your table in a yin-and-yang shaped pot. A menu with a long checklist of meats and vegetables will arrive (including exotic options like pigs brain and fish head) and these are dropped into the pot a few minutes before being fished out with extra-long chopsticks.

Laoma Tou Hotpot Restaurant is considered by many to be a must-visit culinary destination in Chengdu. If you want to the authentic hotpot experience in Chengdu, this is probably the number-one restaurant to visit.


Laoma Tou costs more than most hotpot restaurants in Chengdu, and with a group of four you can expect to spend 500 yuan or more. Baijiu (Chinese “white liquor”) is a common compliment to a hotpot meal, and beer is also common for getting relief from the spiciness of hotpot.


Address in Chinese: 武侯区玉林中路27号

Address in English: Yulin Zhong Lu #27

Hours: Open 7 days a week from noon until midnight Sunday – Thursday and very late on Friday and Saturday

Telephone: 028-85555705

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  1. Sascha January 11, 2013 at 4:20 pm #

    Love this place. I remember when it was still small and crowded, now its massive and crowded. Some of the best service and tastiest hot pot around, even after blowing up and expanding. Highly recommend coming here with a party of 5 or more

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