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Lenbach Bavarian Restaurant

Lenbach is a new Bavarian restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong, just south of Line 2’s Dongmen Daqiao subway station. It provides a large selection of general “western” fare, as well as great German cuisine and beer.

Lenbach’s beer menu offers a variety of draft and bottled beers, the highlights being a number of German weizens, dunkels, and kölsches. These all tend to be around 35 RMB for a half liter before 8:30, after which the prices go up around 10. There are also a lot of cocktails and coffees, if you don’t feel particularly German at the moment.

The food is good, though not cheap. We tried a mixed plate that had a few different types of sausages, all with great flavor. Their Schweinshaxe tasted wonderful and had the crispy skin you’d want from a correctly cooked pig knuckle. They also serve an excellent bread basket, with nice fresh, warm bread, real pretzels, and spreads including pate. Expect to spend 100-200 RMB per person, depending on how much beer you drink.

It’s a large restaurant that seems to have been carbon copied from an American sports bar. Open ceilings, ESPN on all the TVs, and there’s a stage for a band which was not used in my visit. The staff speaks sufficient English to get by if you need it.

Like most things in Lan Kwai Fong it’s hard to nail down an address, but if you go to the new area built in the style of old Chinese buildings and head back, away from the street with the clubs, all the way to the edge. Turn right and you should see blue and white Bavarian flags.


Address in Chinese: 成都锦江区滨江东路兰桂坊商业街区

Address in English: Chéngdū jǐnjiāng qū bīnjiāng dōng lù lán guì fāng shāngyè jiēqū

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