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Peter’s Tex Mex – Kehua

For many years, Peter’s was the only restaurant in Chengdu serving authentic American cuisine. Incredibly, Peter is actually a Sichuan-native chef who was adopted and trained by an American woman in Chengdu, rising from cook to restaurant kingpin. Peter’s serves tex-mex style food and specializes in giant hamburgers along with fajitas, burritos, and American breakfast. In recent years Peter’s has boasted their “Mary Moo’s” brand of homemade ice cream.

The number of Peter’s locations in Chengdu continues to grow, as the restaurant chain has found great success in both Chengdu and Beijing.


Prices at Peter’s have risen considerably in recent years, with hamburgers now starting around 45 yuan. Some argue that the quality of entrees at Peter’s has gone downhill, but amidst a backdrop of proliferating Western restaurants that have no idea what they’re doing, Peter’s is still a reasonable value.


Address: 成都科华北路117号

Address in Plain English: Kehua Bei Lu #117

Hours: Open daily, 9pm – 10pm

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Feedback on “Peter’s Tex Mex – Kehua”

  1. Victoria June 29, 2014 at 3:25 pm #

    I visited Peter’s Tex-Mex with a group of students in May 2013. This was one of the best places to find American cuisine in China! After living off of mostly Chinese food for 3 weeks, we were pleasantly surprised to find this wonderful restaurant.


  1. Evie hates Christmas | Nǐ Hǎupt! - December 25, 2013

    We had a legit full-on Turkey dinner at the expat-favorited restaurant called Peter’s Tex-Mex, a very nice little chain of western food restaurants here in Chengdu.

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