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The Poly Center

Opened in late 2013, the Poly Center is an expansive property development located in the South of Chengdu, between the main thoroughfares of Kehua Bei Lu and Renmin Nan Lu and near the United States Consulate. There are many buildings within the complex, some residential and some commercial, but the most well known one houses many of Chengdu’s expat-focused businesses, including Here We Go and the Sinostage Dance Studio.

Over the last year, the Poly Center has acquired a reputation for being home to a certain degree of lawlessness. Since dozens of bars and clubs have opened inside the building, the location has become a notorious nightlife destination in Chengdu. As a result, many of the facilities in the building have been put under great stress, including the elevators which are often overcrowded or broken, and the hallways which are often adorned with graffiti, stickers, and even flyers.

This is a location very unique to Chengdu, not having equivalent locations that we have heard of in Beijing or Shanghai.


Address in Chinese: 成都领事馆路保利中心

Address in English: Poly Center on Consulate Road, between Kehua Bei Lu and Renmin Nan Lu

Hours: Nightclubs within the Poly Center are mostly open from Thursdays until Saturday. On weekends, they go very late, often until sunrise.

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  1. Podcast Episode #12: Contained in the Sinostage Dance Studio | Posts - May 24, 2015

    […] dance studio together with his spouse in Chengdu. Since opening over a yr in the past within the Poly Center, Sinostage has grown to develop into a landmark inside Chengdu’s city dance scene. Discover […]

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