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Shuangliu International Airport

Shangliu International airport, located 16 kilometers to the Southwest of Chengdu, provides service to hundreds of cities inside and out of mainland China. After unveiling renovations in the summer of 2012, Chengdu truly has an international airport with dozens of terminals and modern amenities. During holidays, the airport is known to become completely packed with travelers, so in this case you should arrive at the airport more than one hour before your departure.

Another tip that we’ve learned about the airport: if you don’t have bags to check, there is a special line which you can use for express check in. Use it and save yourself about 30 minutes.

Shuangliu Airport is the hub for Air China, Chengdu Airlines, and Sichuan Airlines and is among the busiest airports in China.


Taxi fare from the south of Chengdu to Shuangliu Airport costs about 50 yuan, including the 10 yuan highway toll.

Items for sale inside the airport are sold for higher prices than on the street, like most airports around the world. Although some shops inside the airport sell bottles of water for 10 yuan or more, there are some which sell water for the street price of 2 yuan. If you have the time, shop around in the airport and you can find reasonably priced items.


Address: 成都双流飞机场

Address in English: Chengdu Shuangliu Airport

Website: Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Official Website

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