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TAG Club

TAG is a house and techno nightclub in Chengdu, located on the 21st floor of the Poly Center opposite Here We Go. Created in the style of European techno clubs like Trouw (Amsterdam) and Tresor (Berlin), TAG features an excellent sound system along with an minimal all-black interior. TAG has been open since the spring of 2014. Weekend events often go very late at TAG and national and international DJs can frequently be seen here.

Since opening in 2014, TAG has renovated once and added a second upstairs room, in addition to the main room downstairs. The upstairs room often features more laid back music than the driving house and techno music which TAG has become known for. Smoking is not allowed on the first floor, but is allowed on the second. Dancing is encouraged at TAG and drugs are prohibited, as patrons will notice with wall markings.

As revealed in our interview with TAG in 2014, the name is actually an acronym which stands for To Another Galaxy.

In the summer of 2015, both of the Dutch co-founders of TAG exited the project, leaving the Chinese management in control of the venue.

Read More About TAG

Two of the co-founders of TAG are Dutch residents of Chengdu, one of which was interviewed in the Spring of 2014 on Chengdu Living: Opening TAG Club in Chengdu: The Interview


Address in English: Poly Center B Building 21F, Consulate Road, Chengdu

Address in Chinese: 领事馆路保利中心B坐 21F

Official Facebook page: TAG Chengdu

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Feedback on “TAG Club”

  1. Marion May 4, 2019 at 9:11 pm #

    Worst club we have ever been to. The owner told me that foreigners are not a welcome and that we should get out. The DJ we came for (and paid for!) didn’t even come.
    One of the owners (a girl!) even punched my friend twice, (because she took a picture of us with the flash).
    Don’t waste your time, don’t go there.

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