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Tibetan Quarter

Located in the Southwest of the city near Wuhou Temple, Chengdu’s Tibetan quarter is home to thousands of Tibetan residents and features dozens of ethnic shops, restaurants and hotels. The heart of Chengdu’s Tibetan district is the intersection of Wuhouci Dongjie and Wuhouci Hengjie, and it extends for several blocks in each direction.

Shops in this area sell a number of Tibetan art and handicrafts including beads and jewelry, prayer flags, and clothing traditional to Tibetan culture, like the long sheepskin cloaks worn in winter called chubas. In general Tibetans are very friendly to foreign visitors, but expect to negotiate for everything that’s for sale while shopping in this area. Prices range from a few rmb for incense and small ethnic trinkets up to thousands of dollars for elaborate and dramatic buddha statutes.

In recent years Chengdu’s Tibetan district has come under heavy police surveillance, and if you visit you will see permanent police installations at main intersections in the area. Police regularly patrol the alleys in this district, creating a surreal sight of Tibetan monks in robes routinely sharing sidewalks with riot police wearing tactical gear.


Address in English: Wuhou Ci Dong Jie

Address in Chinese:  成都市武侯祠东街

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  1. Hout November 10, 2018 at 2:48 pm #

    What subway stop and line is it?


  1. Learning about Tibet | Reporting Live: Chengdu - November 16, 2015

    […] A photo of the Tibetan Quarters, right outside my school […]

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