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The Underground Bar

The Underground Bar is a cozy British-style bar tucked away between the large nightclubs of Chengdu’s popular bar and club district of Jiu Yan Qiao (Nine Eyes Bridge).

The owners and staff at the Underground Bar take pride in their first-class, friendly service. You will find the surroundings clean, relaxed and comfortable. The music is easy-listening and at a volume you can maintain a conversation with friends without having to shout to be heard. They serve over 50 types of beer and, for most, in their own unique glass. The food is all homemade and is true to traditional British pub grub.


Drinks at The Underground start at 15 yuan, which is cheap. Entrees for dinner start around 35 yuan, which is also competitive for Western food in Chengdu.


Address in English: Jiuyan Qiao, 12-13 Taiping Nan Jie, Block 6 – Jiu Yan Qiao (Nine Eye Bridge) in the tunnel between Babi 2 and 1855 Club, behind Havana Cigar shop.

Address in Chinese: 成都九眼桥, 太平南街6号

Prices – Drinks, from 15RMB and dinner 35RMB.

Operating Hours: Everyday from 5pm to late. Dinner between 5pm – 8.30pm.

Telephone: (028) 85294142 and 13540221774

Website: Underground Chengdu

Weibo: @隧道酒吧Underground

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Feedback on “The Underground Bar”

  1. Hannah December 1, 2013 at 10:07 am #

    This is my favorite bar in Chengdu. I am admittedly biased as I have formed a friendship with the bar owners, but nonetheless I will share what it is that makes the Underground great.

    Everyone has their own preferences for how to spend their free time, whether it’s challenging strangers to a shot-drinking contest, playing your guitar in a candle-lit setting, chasing down hook-ups, or dancing your face off. For me, talking with friends over a beer or tea is just dandy. If it turns into a rambustical night, all the better. Gary and Bernard (the bar owners) run a true British-style pub that is a very comfortable setting for the post-work happy hour, where you can always find people to talk about the happenings in Chengdu, or politics (don’t get Gary riled up though), or whatever.

    While expat-friendly, most of the business comes from faithful groups of Chinese bar-goers. That is something special about the Underground: it is the place of choice for people from many different nationalities, and not strictly expat or local. I found out here (and am still discovering) how to tell the difference between Sheffield and Manchester. For a 25-year-old American girl, this is a first (full disclosure: I didn’t even know what Sheffield was before).

    I am leaving Chengdu in January 2014 and will miss the Underground and the friends I’ve made there very much. The pub quiz, which I’ve been helping host since Gary started it last May, has turned out to be loads of fun, and I’ll miss that too (Wednesdays 8:30). In short, the Underground is a place that is perfect for simple people looking for simply a good time, especially if you don’t know anyone in the city. I came to Chengdu knowing nobody, and will always be glad for the experiences I have had at this place.

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