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Yulin Produce Market

Located behind the monstrously large Laoma Tou Hotpot Restaurant, the Yulin Produce Market features hundreds of vendors selling fresh goods daily. You can find everything from chicken and pork to ginger and Chinese broccoli and much more in this market. The ground floor features vendors selling eggs and packaged goods while the second level hosts vendors selling whatever’s fresh today. Many items are seasonal and aren’t available year round, but it’s difficult to beat the selection of the Yulin Produce Market in Chengdu.


Although food costs have been steadily rising in Chengdu over the years, prices at the Yulin Produce Market are as reasonable as they get in Chengdu. Vendors are friendly and happy to have repeat customers, and you’re unlikely to see many other foreigners shopping here.


Address in Chinese: 芳草路22号, 成都市武侯区

Address in English: Fangcao Lu #22, located behind the Laoma Tou Hotpot Restaurant

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