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Chengdu's Tibetan Quarter

Tibetan Quarter

Located near Wuhou Temple is Chengdu’s Tibetan quarter, a pedestrian friendly district well known for its dozens of Tibetan shops, restaurants, and hotels. Features tea houses as well as an art gallery or two.

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Metro Chengdu Supermarket

Metro Supermarket

Located in the East of Chengdu on Second Ring Road, Metro is a giant retailer selling domestic and imported goods often in large quantities. Find imported cheese, beer, and more at Metro.

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Chengdu Auchan

Auchan Supermarket

A giant supermarket located in the far South of Chengdu, Auchan features a large selection of imported items including wine. Subway and bus accessible.

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Chengdu Raffles City

Raffles City

An enormous multi-use complex featuring shopping mall, office space, and residential developments. Located on Renmin South Road across from the Sichuan Gymnasium.

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Chunxi Road Shopping District

Chengdu’s major shopping and people watching district. Tons of food and retail options and always crowded – just a 15 minute walk East from the Mao Statue at Tianfu Square.

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