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The Temple Cafe

The Temple Café

Cafe and restaurant located on the ground floor of The Temple House featuring Chinese, Western and Asian cuisine as well as coffee, fresh juice and more. Features indoor and outdoor seating.

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Jing Bar & Lounge

Located within The Temple House, Jing Bar is an indoor and outdoor lounge. Jing features a wide selection of mixed drinks, beer, champagne and wine as well as regular DJ performances.

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Tivano Italian Restaurant

Located within The Temple House, Tivano is an exceptional Italian restaurant in Chengdu. Features an elite kitchen staff along with fresh ingredients imported daily.

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Mi Xun Spa & Tea House

Located within The Temple House in downtown Chengdu, Mi Xun is a traditionally styled spa and tea house with a distinctly modern touch. Located on old monetary grounds near the city center.

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Ritz-Carlton Chengdu

The Ritz-Carlton Chengdu

Located downtown and overlooking Tianfu Square, the Ritz-Carlton is one of Chengdu’s pre-eminent 5-star luxury hotels. Features 353 rooms amidst a host of impressive amenities, including a rooftop bar.

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Dragonfly Chengdu

Dragonfly Bar

Opened in February 2014 and managed by a long-time expat resident of Chengdu, Dragonfly is a bar in the downtown district that specializes in mixed drinks and cozy atmosphere.

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Aurora Dental

Aurora Dental

Perhaps the most international and impressive dental service provider in Chengdu, Aurora Dental is located in downtown Chengdu and features American dentists working alongside local counterparts.

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Hooters Chengdu

Opened in 2010, Hooters in Chengdu is quite the culture clash. Chinese waitresses in orange shorts sing songs and dance to Black Eyed Peas and AC/DC for Western and Chinese patrons.

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Chengdu People's Park

People’s Park

One of the original weekend hangouts is People’s Park in the West of Chengdu. Walk in solitude on a weekday evening or enjoy tea and crowds every Sunday afternoon in the park.

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Chunxi Road Shopping District

Chengdu’s major shopping and people watching district. Tons of food and retail options and always crowded – just a 15 minute walk East from the Mao Statue at Tianfu Square.

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Jah Bar Chengdu

Jah Bar

A popular reggae-themed bar with live music, cheap beer and a loyal clientele. Jah Bar has seen surrounding venues come and go over the years while itself not seeing much change. This is a good thing.

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Mix Hostel Chengdu

Mix Hostel

Mix Hostel, located in the North of Chengdu, is perhaps the most well trafficked hostel in Chengdu. Travelers from around the world can be found inside the cafe within Mix, which offers drinks and snacks.

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Chengdu's Tianfu Square

Tianfu Square

Chengdu’s central plaza and the site of the iconic Mao statue which presides over the center of the city. Also home to the central subway station in Chengdu and a park with fountains.

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