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Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

Located on the 3rd floor of Raffles City, Costa Coffee is the latest location of the well-known British coffee shop chain in Chengdu. Features indoor and outdoor seating and wi-fi for patrons.

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Chengdu Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark Spa

Located in the South of Chengdu, Noah’s Ark is a giant 5-level spa and sauna complex with game rooms, gym, and an all-day buffet included with the cost of entry. Cost of entry includes 18 hours of access.

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Treat Supermarket

Treat Supermarket

Located on the bottom level of Raffles City, Treat is a well-loved, premium supermarket offering otherwise hard-to-find items imported from America and Europe. Entrance inside the mall.

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Chengdu Raffles City

Raffles City

An enormous multi-use complex featuring shopping mall, office space, and residential developments. Located on Renmin South Road across from the Sichuan Gymnasium.

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Chengdu Spa

Herijun Spa

Located in the Yulin neighborhood, the Herijun Spa is among the most well known spas in the city. A four-story complex that is a Chengdu favorite in the winter months.

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Chengdu Yimin produce market

Yimin Produce Market

The newly-renovated Yimin Produce Market, located in the Yulin neighborhood, features vendors selling meats, vegetables, and fish in a clean and well-lit new market.

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Lumiere Pavilions Theater Chengdu

Lumiere Pavilions Movie Theater

Located on the top floor of the newly-constructed Raffles City shopping mall, Lumiere Pavilions is a high-end movie theater featuring domestic and international films daily.

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Laoma Tou

Laoma Tou Hotpot Restaurant

A long-time staple of Chengdu’s culinary scene, the Laoma Tou Hotpot Restaurant has long been a go-to destination for Chengdu visitors. Spicy, authentic hotpot with boisterous atmosphere.

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Wangfu Garden Chengdu

Wangfu Garden Residential Complex

Comprised of more than a half dozen buildings, the Wangfu Garden residential complex is one the largest and oldest in the neighborhood. Features a pool and other amenities.

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Mike's Pizza Kitchen Chengdu

Mike’s Pizza Kitchen

Well known within Chengdu’s expat community, Mike from Las Vegas has been delivering pizzas throughout the city for years and now has a restaurant location in Tongzilin. Open six days a week.

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Survivor Rock Climbing Chengdu

Survivor Indoor Rock Climbing

If you’re looking for indoor rock climbing in Chengdu, Survivor, located near the Carrefour in Tongzilin, is a fun and inexpensive choice that offers 4-meter high climbing walls.

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Pizza Mandolino

Opened in 2011, Pizza Mandolino is an Italian pizzeria located in the center of the Tongzilin neighborhood in the South of Chengdu. Specializes in steak in addition to many varieties of pizza.

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Chengdu Blue Caribbean Plaza

Blue Caribbean Plaza

Located along Kehua Bei Lu in the South of Chengdu, Blue Caribbean Plaza hosts a handful of bars and restaurants including many popular foreigner establishments. Open late on weekends.

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United States Consulate

Located on “Consulate Road” in the South of Chengdu, the US Consulate provides services for US citizens in the city as well as for Chinese citizens who wish to immigrate or travel to the United States.

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Carrefour – Tongzilin

Located in the Tongzilin neighborhood, Carrefour is an enormous two-level department store and supermarket that sells thousands of home products, electronics, and food stuffs. Includes an imported food section.

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Digital Square

Digital Square Computer Market

Located at the intersection of First Ring Road and Renmin Nan Lu, Digital Square features dozens of vendors selling computer hardware and software in addition to other consumer electronics.

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Haerbin Boiled Dumplings

Offering over a dozen varieties of dumplings, the Haerbin Boiled Dumplings restaurant has for years been a favorite of residents in the Yulin neighborhood. Offers fresh meat and vegetable dumplings.

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Chengdu Tianfu Software Park

Tianfu Software Park

Tianfu Software Park is the heart of Chengdu’s exploding IT industry and hosts of thousands of IT professionals. Domestic tech giants join international companies in what’s known as Chengdu’s “tech park”.

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New Little Bar

The rock music capital in Chengdu is undoubtedly the Little Bar. This new location nearby, called New Little Bar, now has exclusive rights to Little Bar rock performances in the city.

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QSL Gym Chengdu


Located a 5 minute walk from the Century City subway stop in Tianfu Software Park, QSL is a fully equipped gym with reasonable rates. Located in the A-Section of the Tianfu Software Park.

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Giraffe Bicycle Shop

Giraffe Bicycles is a newcomer in the Chengdu bicycle scene, but offers fresh fixed gear bikes in the Yulin neighborhood of any color combination that your heart desires.

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Natooke Chengdu bicycle shop

Natooke Chengdu Bicycle Shop

Founded in 2012, Natooke is a custom bicycle shop in the South of Chengdu. A partner of the Natooke headquarters in Beijing, Natooke Chengdu is managed by American bicycle enthusiasts Jake and Larry.

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Gentle Dental Chengdu

Gentle Dental

Located in the Tongzilin neighborhood, Gentle Dental features veteran dentists that speak fluent English. Opened by the very friendly Dr. Rinver Lu, a Chengdu native.

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Machu Picchu Bar

Opened over 7 years ago, Macchu Picchu is a cozy bar in the middle of the Yulin neighborhood in the South of Chengdu. Features regularly scheduled live music performances.

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Lost Taipei Desserts

Lost Taipei is a sidewalk custom dessert shop that’s packed with customers in the evening. They feature a number of items made on-site including milkshakes, cakes, and an assortment of treats.

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