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Angel Women’s & Children’s Hospital

Angel Hospital

Located in the South of Chengdu, Angel Hospital is a full-service women’s and children’s facility led in part by an American doctor with 27 years of practical experience.

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Aurora Dental

Aurora Dental

Perhaps the most international and impressive dental service provider in Chengdu, Aurora Dental is located in downtown Chengdu and features American dentists working alongside local counterparts.

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Metro Supermarket

Metro Chengdu Supermarket

Located in the East of Chengdu on Second Ring Road, Metro is a giant retailer selling domestic and imported goods often in large quantities. Find imported cheese, beer, and more at Metro.

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Auchan Supermarket

Chengdu Auchan

A giant supermarket located in the far South of Chengdu, Auchan features a large selection of imported items including wine. Subway and bus accessible.

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