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Shufeng Sichuan Opera House

Shufeng Sichuan Opera House

Located on the Qintai Lu Traditional Street, the Shufeng Sichuan Opera house is probably the most well known Sichuan Opera venue in Chengdu. Multiple performances nightly in an outdoor venue.

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Qintai Traditional Street

Chengdu Qintai Lu

Located in the West of Chengdu, Qintai Lu is a traditionally-themed street with a host of restaurants and a well-known Sichuan opera venue. Illuminated by lanterns at night, this is a scenic street for a stroll.

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Qingcheng Mountain


With 36 separate mountain peaks, Qingcheng Mountain has for centuries been regarded among the most important Taoist sites in the world. Definitely a worthy adventure.

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Jinsha Excavation Site

Jinsha Excavation Site

Having been accidentally discovered during real estate development in 2001, the Jinsha Excavation Site is one of the Chengdu’s best museums and is a spectacular archaeological find in its own right.

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