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Chengdu donuts

Johnny 5 Donuts

Opened by an enterprising American donut enthusiast, Johnny 5 Donuts is among the newest specialty eateries opened by expat residents in Chengdu. Authentic donuts are made and served here.


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Natooke Chengdu bicycle shop

Natooke Chengdu Bicycle Shop

Founded in 2012, Natooke is a custom bicycle shop in the South of Chengdu. A partner of the Natooke headquarters in Beijing, Natooke Chengdu is managed by American bicycle enthusiasts Jake and Larry.

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Chengdu People's Park

Central Chengdu
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Chengdu East Railway Station

East Chengdu
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Chengdu Happy Valley Entrance

North Chengdu
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Flower Town

Outside Chengdu
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Chengdu donuts

South Chengdu
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Holly's Hostel Chengdu

West Chengdu
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Holly's Hostel Chengdu

Huan Tian Zhai Guizhou Food (欢天寨贵州)

Huan Tian Zhai is a restaurant in west Chengdu, just inside the second ring road, serving a variety of excellent Guizhou food for anybody looking to have a different sort of Chinese cuisine.

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Holly's Hostel Chengdu

TAG Club

TAG is a house and techno nightclub in Chengdu, located on the 21st floor of the Poly Center. Created in the style of European techno clubs like Trouw (Amsterdam) and Tresor (Berlin).

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Holly's Hostel Chengdu


Located inside Chengdu's Poly Center, NASA is a hip hop nightclub. Since renovating in early 2015, NASA has become currently the largest nightclub within the Poly Center.

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Holly's Hostel Chengdu

The Poly Center

Located down the street from the US Consulate, the Poly Center is a relatively new property development that has become home to dozens of popular bars and clubs in Chengdu.

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Holly's Hostel Chengdu

Lenbach Bavarian Restaurant

Lenbach is a Bavarian restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong offering a range of German food, German beer, and assorted other western fare. Marked by blue and white Bavarian flags outside.

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Holly's Hostel Chengdu

Pancake Garden

Located in Tongzilin, Pancake Garden has over half a dozen varieties of pancake as well as outdoor and indoor seating. With pancake in your name, you must deliver, and Pancake Garden does.

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